Your Website & Your Business: What is SEO and How do I Get to the Top of Google

What is SEO? Search Engine Optimization

Is SEO powerful? Yes

Is SEO rocket science? No

Does SEO take time to learn? Yes

Shazzam-Media is the leading Search Engine Optimization consultant.


Here are the SEO Basics and Guidelines to follow:

  • Know where your website ranks before you begin
  • Setup Google Analytics
  • Research keywords for your website using Google Adword Keyword Tool
  • Research key phrases that you want at the top of Google
  • Research the websites that have high Google rank
  • Maximize all social mediums including PR, Facebook, Twitter, and Blogs


Google Ranking

Shazzam media can help your company get to the top of Google.

Good SEO begins with knowing your website and where it is ranked on is a website which ranks all of the websites in world.  With there being around 28 million websites in total, finding your website in the top two to three million in the world is exceptional. Although, if you aren’t in that range just quite yet there are no worries as these basic SEO techniques will guide your business in the right direction towards a higher ranking and Google rank.


The second step in Search Engine Optimization, prior to the actual SEO research and website optimization, is registering your website with Google Analytics.  Google Analytics is a web analytics solution center that gives you insights into you website traffic and marketing effectiveness.  By setting up a Google Analytics account, you are able to have Google do a better job of monitoring your site and it allows you to see what people are saying about your company.


SEO research is the daunting task in any website optimization project.  In order to optimize your website in the best way possible, extensive research must be done.  If your business fails to do the proper research before actual optimization, you will end up with some disappointing results.  SEO research begins by finding keywords which match up to your the pages on your website which you want to be optimized.  The Google Adword Keyword Tool is the leading keyword tool your business will want to use in order to find those keywords, and it can be found by simply typing in those exact words on Google.  Understanding which keywords are best for each page in your website is the key.


Thinking like the consumer is a great SEO strategy to live by.  The consumers ultimately will be searching on Google for a product or service, and you want your business to be on the top of Google when they search phrases which are relevant to you.  Once you have taken on the consumer mentality, laying down a list of keywords for each page in particular is the next important task.  Some keywords may work for multiple pages on your website, but for the most part you want to be keyword specific for each page so you can reach as many consumers as possible.  If you sell yourself short, and use the same keywords over and over again, you will not maximize the potential profitability of your company through SEO.  Finding keywords with low competition and high global searches are the best keywords.  These keywords are the ones which offer the best results in SEO and help you to top Google search.


The next step in basic website optimization is to enter phrases into, which you believe your potential customers will search for as well.  It’s likely when you perform a Google search you won’t find your company on the first page, but by looking at the websites which are already on the first page of Google you can gage what those sites are doing well to have a high Google page ranking.  There are a few reasons why certain websites might be found on the first page.  Some could be there from high traffic, URL longevity, or having the exact phrase in their website title, but others may actually be there from performing good SEO.


In conjunction with optimizing your actual website, there are a few resources your business is going to want to maximize as well.  Resources like press releases, Twitter, Facebook and blogs all can help improve and maximize your visibility on  Maximization can be accomplished by utilizing the short term tools such as twitter and PR in combination with long term tools such as your website, Facebook, and blogs.  By doing such, you will by taking full advantage of all your assets and in time find your website at the top of Google.  Ultimately, your business can expect a great amount of profitable growth and marketability throughout the desired market by becoming a webmaster through SEO.


For more information on any topics related to SEO, Social Media, or web design please contact us at Shazzam-Media and we will be happy to answer any question you may have.

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