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Google Panda and What it Means for You!

HAS GOOGLE PANDA TAKEN OVER OUR WORLD? Have you heard of Google Panda? It’s been around since February 2011. Since then Google has released an update that may impact small websites. The algorithm itself actually starts with human manpower looking over hundreds of sites, after…

Google Panda | SEO

Google Panda – The New SEO

Google Panda – The New SEO New Ranking system causes Panda-monium in SEO industry   “Change” is an all too familiar word for SEO experts, but apparently a welcomed one for employees at Google.  As if getting to the top of Google wasn’t hard enough…

Twitter for business

How to use Twitter for Business

  What is a simple yet effective marketing tool that allows you to update people on a 24/7 basis? What is this word “tweet” you keep hearing about in the news? It’s Twitter! The social media website that has become more popular then ever. Sadly,…


Proper Blogging Techniques & Tips

So you want to learn how to blog?   Here at Shazzam Media we offer a variety of resources that will help even the average computer user the ability to blog effectively .  Viewing the Proper Blogging Techniques video under our video section is a…